How A Headline Can Change Your Life

It’s a pretty big assumption to make, but the most successful headlines are life-changing in most cases.

At face value it may or may not make sense.

The title you choose for distribution of a publication greatly impacts its ability to convert to readers. The increase in readers results in organic marketing. The interest in the publication causes a chain reaction. That’s when things get out of control.

The distribution is then out of your hands. In this digital age, word travels faster than ever, which can be bittersweet. Most people are ill-equipped for the rapid growth in interest and it causes detrimental effects.

On the other hand, if the preparation had been addressed it would result in an extreme rise in sales thus changing one’s financial lifestyle, or at least giving the option to.

Should you practice headline writing? Only when you have a good reason. Bad content with good headlines are not rare but your reputation is valuable when you plan to author future publications.

It is not so much making a larger deal out of something than it really is as much as the idea is to share a true passion whilst remaining just cryptic enough to not become click – bait.

Why I Turned My Notifications Off

Everyone has their own reason to why they do or do not like notification services on their phone and computers. Personally, I’m a bit indifferent towards them.

Notifications play an important role in modern life and before the digital age, notifications were something you received by mail or phone. With the progression of technology taking the direction of simpler user interfaces and user experiences, those programs running in the background of our devices are taking more privileges than ever before.

Most of us consent to that sort of thing so long as it appears to be a quality program. What we do not consent to is having these apps and websites take our attention from the endeavors we intend to spend time on. Everyone has been through the conflict of trying to fight distraction during a time for productivity.

Media especially can rob anyone of hours without that person being the wiser until the time has disappeared. So back to the point of why I turned my notifications off.

A single notification from something that is not time-sensitive, imperative, personal or a warning of impending doom is not a priority nor should it take precedence over something that is. To many people, more so the youthful, the notification from a new like, comment or follow is not just that. It’s an addiction.

Aside from that, it is a far better feeling to see the overall picture which is difficult until the content in question is archived. Instead of keeping an eye on your recent post, come back in a day or two. See how much more you can accomplish without the constant nag of apps demanding your attention.

If turning off unimportant notification services does not free up more time, it can dramatically improve the quality at the very least.

Why Not Advertising is the New Advertising

There are actually multiple reasons to why advertising is becoming less and less effective. Some reasons may be debatable and if they are, please feel free to share.

Marketing can get very manipulative and in advertising, it’s most often seen as inevitable. That is not why advertising is gradually losing its effectiveness but it does play a role.

More and more professionals are attributing emotions as the leading motivation for purchases. Marketers are excellent at being positive on the outside at all times. Though, as all humans experience, there can be inconsistent feelings that come with actions. So, with that, it’s implied that manipulation is not actually a direct cause of the decline of advert effectiveness.

Trust is spread very thinly in the digital age. Premium product and service providers are very aware that every ad and customer reflects the brand’s reputation so they carefully select their targets, qualify them and form gradual relationships until the time comes when the prospect is ready to make a decision. Most potential clients are just potential but it is the most successful way to make high-value sales. It does not apply to common retail sales until you start attempting to build brand loyalty.

Overcoming the obstacle of trust-building is what separates most people from a sale. It’s best to develop a system that can be scaled and taught within a few short weeks.

Client acquisition is about being in the right place at the right time, but recently, marketing is moving in a new direction. Potential leads want to feel as though they should know you personally despite being a brand. The new goal for advertising is nothing like conventional paid advertising. It seems to be more like modern advertising is about always being around your qualified leads until they finally do need or want what it is you sell.

In practice, everyone is trying something digital out, and that is because you can potentially reach a wider audience in a shorter amount of time but remember a couple things: Starbucks doesn’t have to promote their own social media and that is because their products promote themselves.

Sometimes your time is best spent improving the product you plan to sell instead of finding the best way to sell it.

The Best Free Way to Market

It is up for debate but you might agree if you see the practical usage potential.

It would not be fair to say that others who claim a different way are incorrect; however, consider the following for perspective:

Helping people is the best way to market yourself. Remove the incentive, humble yourself, and share your abilities with people seeking it. Expect nothing in return. Repeat.

Karma is real in many senses. If you trade, you know what happens when greed or impatience become a part of a trade. In marketing, positive people get more sales than pushy or arrogant salespeople.

Helping people tells them you provide a valuable service. Word of mouth is the most effective way to distribute a brand’s message. If you can give someone a valuable asset for free, most often come to the conclusion that paying you would result in even higher quality.

The benefits are profitable, but the perspective needed in order to pull it off requires a genuine humility.

The Problem with Most Financial Freedom Content

I used to see them once in a while, usually as a banner or sidebar ad on a blog or website. Now they seem inevitable wherever I am. The financial “freedom” trend is becoming the opposite of what it should be.

It should be the solution to a problem and not a problem itself. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be your own boss but proof-of-concept exists for a reason.

Having a developed skill means you should be able to use your time as leverage to profit. Having business-related skills means you should be able to succeed in a business setting. Having both means you have the potential to be self-employed. Having both plus the ability to market yourself effectively puts you in a position to attract investment for a business but that doesn’t mean you should start a business.

Having all of those things, plus a savings or source of sustainable income still does not mean you will succeed but it does mean you’re in a position to start a small business.

Having succeeded in running a small business does not always translate easily into scaling. Expanding is best done with one or more partners who have proven their trust and experience.

Many social media accounts and bloggers have been taking advantage of trends that lure greedy, impatient or desperate victims to conclusions that making money is very easy and can be done for little to no investment. The problem here is that people are falling for it and they inevitably fail but not before losing money, time and morale.

It is okay to fail. Most of us are not masters or experts. Business might not be the best place for you. It can be soul-sucking. If You are meant for business, you will learn very quickly that rejection is not failure.

So in summary, you should not rush to take a loan out or max out your credit cards.

Roads to Financial Freedom: Bitcoin Trading

My personal favorite quality in a job is freedom. Investing is, by far, the most challenging thing I’ve tried to do because I’m not great at taking my own advice. If you can motivate yourself without immediate results, and you love working with numbers, try this:

Go make a bitcoin wallet ( I suggest because I’m not a fan of Xapo or many other wallets). This prepares you for your next step. You are opening an account to hold the bitcoin you will be making.

While there are many ways to obtain Bitcoin, such as purchasing it, the easiest way for someone with only internet and time to spare to earn a few dollars per day to invest is to take surveys. (I have only ever used

Now, you can make a few dollars in a day taking surveys, but that’s about it. That’s not the end of this get-rich-the-hard-way plan though. Once you have at least a pizza worth of bitcoin, take your beginner self to an exchange (like

You’ll find graphs, prices, cryptocurrencies, regular currencies and a lot of people in the chat room who are trying to sell you on their favorite altcoins (the bitcoin equivalent of a stock). Do not take the advice of people trying to sell you something. Those people are profiting off of you when you buy the coins they suggest.

The hidden benefit is that you gain valuable trading experience that can translate well into day trading on the stock market or FOREX. There are other exchanges aside from the mentioned above ones, some better than others.

Things to keep an eye out for when starting to trade are trading fees, minimums, locations, security, reviews and investments available. Many exchanges advertise new initial coin offerings which are similar to IPOs and those are generally something to stay away from unless you do a lot of prior research.

It is not a get-rich-quick strategy but it does provide financial freedom in the sense that you can work from anywhere, anytime and the potential is up to you.


How To Profit From Your Services & Products

I could turn this into an ad for my marketing services ( ) but I can’t imagine who would read that. So instead, here’s some actual advice.

A majority of products and services are going to take capital, strategy and effort to get off the ground. Nowadays, everyone wants to be self-sufficient and that creates competition.

My first suggestion for those who already know what they’re selling is to study your competition. Study the successful ones to see what they do right. Study the unsuccessful ones to see what they do wrong. Study yourself to see where you are and where you could be.

How does that make you money? It prepares you to remove the barriers that keep you from success.

Equally important is maintaining a healthy and professional reflection of your work. You wouldn’t put your credit card into a sketchy looking machine, so then why would you expect someone else to put their money into a sketchy looking business?

Look at least as good as the work you provide, if not better. Unfortunately, people do judge books by their cover and it’s your right to take advantage of that.

You should begin to see the image being uncovered. Once you’ve become aware of your barriers, you can gradually eliminate them and then focus on your work and how other people see you. If people see you as a potential value they could be missing out on, they might just decide to take a chance they won’t regret.

My primary focus, though no more or less vital to the outcome, are actions. Our own actions and the calls-to-action placed in front of people are what bring phone calls, emails and sales. While there are other parts to a good sales funnel, no good system is without direct and indirect actions.

To put the puzzle together plainly, profit comes from providing time, services or products, but product development is only a small piece. The rest comes from realizing the road ahead by envisioning potential problems in order to find solutions before you arrive. Making decisions and asking others for support will slowly bring you the right way.

Do not forget to keep your senses alert along the journey. Your process is worth even more than the results.


What has helped you become self-sufficient in the ever-changing financial world?