The 1st of 5 $100k Ad Spaces Is Now Occupied

If you have never seen the homepage, it would seem fitting to do so before continuing. It is .

Consider public relations a vital part of every business and not just business to consumer. Trust is built as seeds are sown. Before the public will take notice, they must be made aware of the brand they are forming a relationship with.

These are not just ad spaces. Every spot on Money = Value is individually crafted to reflect a simplified and marketable version of the brand it holds within it. It is the perfect intangible investment for industry leaders.

Awareness and publicity are similar but not the same. The ad space will generate awareness, but it will do more. It will grow in value and can be resold to whomever its owner pleases. The affiliation and momentum of publicity in the forthcoming media from growing scarcity will bring the highest quality prospects.

A return is inevitable. Throughout advertising history, uniqueness presented in a familiar form has proven to capture the curious public’s eye. Especially amidst current events, people seek out exciting news to keep from overthinking. Prestige and authority are the kind of publicity consumers expect from any brand that appears on top of other brands.

Learning that quality wins over quantity is something that can be learned sooner than later. Until then, most organizations and leaders will have to enjoy the stress of inadequate marketing.

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