The Speed of Financial Growth

Contrary to popular belief, business can grow too fast. When it does, things like loss of quality, over expansion and poor customer satisfaction can happen very easily.

The more of something that needs to be made by a deadline, the less attention individual products can be given logically.

The less time that exists for planning, the more likely it is to make mistakes and have to compensate financially for poor planning.

The faster the growth of sales, the less time and effort can be given to each customer.

A combination of these problems is fatal to a business of any kind. The solution is either to prepare very well for when the rain pours or to limit the amount of units that consumers can buy.

By learning limitations early on, problems can be avoided more simply and the business can scale at a realistic and credible rate.

Limiting sales may seem counterintuitive for a successful business model; however, keeping commitments and deadlines are vital to any professional process and requires resources proportional to sales.

Research and development analysts suggest a ratio exists within every industry. Consider figuring out how fast or slow your business should be growing. It can be motivational.

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