How to Change the World with $20

You might think it’s pretty bold to assume anything impactful could happen for twenty dollars. You might even think this is going to be about generosity and giving a little each day or whatever. No, it’s not that, but this is a two layered article. I will be using Plant-Based Munchies as my example because it’s my product. What this is not is an empty plug for a new product. What it is, at least primarily, is an example of how real passion and inspiration can transform almost any product.

Logic is the enemy of ambition (or at least in advertising it is).

All you need to know about Plant-based Munchies in this particular case is that it’s a pretty simple vegan game that is currently priced at twenty dollars (hence the title.)

On the outside, it looks like any other game. In reality, other games are lot more polished and their packaging looks more professional but that can and does work as an advantage.

Unlike most games, this one does not aim to give you an escape from reality. Instead, it invites you into reality by making the world as wholesome as it can possibly get.

It is the funnest way to save the world. It is a symbol for all that is good. It’s the best defense against ignorance in a dissonant world.

It paves a revolutionary path to better health for the human race. Plant-based Munchies is the perfect way to introduce someone to veganism.

The potential is beyond anything anyone can imagine.

In the world of veganism, there is a pressure to limit yourself to only vegan products. While the people who accomplish this incredibly disciplined act are impressive, the battle Plant-based Munchies fights is not one that demands limitations.

Today, the omnivorous are being addressed. You set the examples for others who have not yet considered the challenge of exploring your dietary biases. You are the hero who inspires friends, family and bystanders to make a healthier decision, even if just for a moment.

When you suggest playing Plant-based Munchies, you alone contribute to a better future. The real most valuable players are those of you who are honest about your dietary and cognitive struggles and are still trying to include vegan products in your life.

If disciplined vegans can’t appreciate how much good you can do on a daily basis, the people you save will. It will never be easy but your perseverance will be remembered.

Maybe not anyone, but you can without a doubt change the world with the right intentions.

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