Industry Fame vs. Being Famous

There are many popular people in the world but to classify their fame in the same way would not make sense. It’s very possible to be known by millions of people and never be recognized on the streets. It’s also possible to be recognized on the streets without being famous at all.

What separates fame and industry notoriety is interest. Generally speaking, popular celebrities are entertainers. A majority of people enjoy entertainment so it makes sense that everyone might know who a rising musician is but not an industry famous stock trader. If you trade, you’re more than likely to care slightly more about the celebrity stock trader.

What good is it to be well-known in the wrong industries? What it can end up doing is backfiring.

Networking is useful for the same reason being a celebrity is: Marketing and connections. You just might end up networking with your competition which means you just might end up with a spotlight on you. That does not guarantee leads that convert to sales.

What ends up happening is that people who need your service need you because they have no idea how to describe the problem let alone fix it. The implications are that they rarely will ever be able to search for you using the correct words.

Think entry level. The inability to communicate what you do to someone who has never heard of what you do can be detrimental.

A personal anecdote: while trying to obtain momentum for my marketing services online, I opened an article up for syndication. Because of the jargon I used, even though what was said can be considered newsworthy, it ended up reaching industry-based SEO blogs and news stations. The competition became well aware of my accomplishments but my target audience did not. The results ended up bittersweet.

The purpose of that short story is that you have to address the people you plan to sell to. If you have no idea how to do that, ask for help. Time is valuable. Not wasting money on trying things over and over is valuable. Writing for people who understand what you do already will make you more notorious in your industry but not with your target audiences. Being industry famous has its perks once you reach the level of authority. Fortunately, that can be obtained with diligence and success.

(Not everyone is, or should be, a copywriter. Let a professional sales writer do what they do best while you focus on what you do best. There are no guarantees in marketing but you can minimize losses. )

Being industry famous is perfect for people with industrial products but knowing your target industries is the goal in most cases.

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