Your Best Work Isn’t Your Most Popular

As the title implies, interest in a particular idea, post, picture, song, video, etc., is not closely related to its quality. High quality media is usually a long-term strategy because quality is not trendy in most industries.

In fact, some of the most viral content online is 240p and has dreadful audio quality. More often than not, the camera operator is less than capable of holding a steady shot.

Trendy content has to be entertaining but not quality by any means. The purpose is not longevity. It’s purpose is to solicit an immediate response.

In addition to this backwards logic, it’s just a theory but oftentimes, people assume great products need no marketing which is only true after you start getting referrals. Momentum is key.

Relatable depictions of daily societal problems are always going to win popularity contests on social media but longevity is worth more than it’s given credit for.

Realize your best content is valuable and can be advertised over and over. It would be a waste of energy to try and market old trends without any innovative value.

Your best content can be developed, reused, licensed, distributed as many times as you care to do, shared infinitely and renewed every time you pair it with a new campaign.

One percent or less of original content ever makes it to a trending status and every single time it’s owed to a well-thought out marketing plan.

Give your quality content equal or more attention when it comes to advertising and market appeal so you can effectively monetize it. Even free content, especially when utilized properly, can give you profit from the value you’ve provided others with.

More examples on that soon.

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