How Light Can Impact Your Success

In this case I specifically mean two kinds of light: sunlight and blue light.

If you’ve been outside, hopefully you know what sunlight is. Blue light is the label given to the light produced by phones, monitors, TV, games and anything with a modern screen.

Keeping a flexible schedule for meetings is far more effective when you can assume you will be awake for them. Unfortunately, many positions in society are daylight exclusive. Many night owls become day people when they realize nothing is permanent about night owlry.

Blue light is a primary contributor to insomnia and irregular sleep schedules. Who would have thought staring for hours into a brightly lit screen could have any adverse effects?

The sleep schedule you follow, whether seemingly hectic or perfectly synchronized, is never actually that chaotic. Following a twenty four hour time system doesn’t mean everyone has a twenty four hour circadian rhythm (your internal sleep schedule). Some people have much longer or shorter slumber tendencies making their day out of sync with the time system everyone is familiar with. This in part can be blamed on the solar system. The good news is you can change your circadian rhythm pretty easily.

In many ways, camping represents the best solution to this problem. The reason for that is due to the sunlight part of camping. Also, typically, people use electronic devices far less while camping. Just a night or two is enough if you can abstain from using any electronics right before going to sleep. After that, continue limiting your blue light at night.

The results are almost always noticeable in a matter of a day or two.

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